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DJ + Saxophonist

A perfect and distinctive musical combination for any exclusive space.

"We are two professionals and we blend perfectly to offer an elegant and unique musical mix."

dj saxophonist madrid

How does Aleea make your event perfect?

  • Initial contact

    After a first contact, we will analyze the type of event to be held. We will discuss points such as the style of music, attire, type of event (dinner, cocktail, corporate event, etc.), among others.

  • Music preparation

    "After getting to know the type of event, I will prepare the most appropriate music for the whole event. It should be taken into account that music usually changes and adapts as the event develops.

    Music selection will depend on factors such as the location (indoor or outdoor), the type of guests, their age, time of day and the activity of the guests (cocktail, dining, chatting, dancing, etc.)."

  • Final music selection

    After making a pre-selection, we will send you some examples of music that fit the event. "It's important for me to have a global image of the event, because music is infinite and you have to choose the right music to make everything perfect."

  • Sound tests

    If necessary, we would perform a sound check prior to the event.

  • The big day!

    With everything ready, the only thing left to do is to enjoy.

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