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DJ for events in Madrid

Aleea is a professional female DJ with a wide repertoire that will delight the audience with various styles of modern music for cocktail and dinner (jazz, acid jazz, funky grooves, bossa nova, lounge, chill, smooth jazz fusion) and for dancing (techno, progressive, deep, afro house).

I am driven by a passion for music, so my repertoire is infinite.

DJ For Corporate Events

It is very important to have the right music at a corporate event. In this type of events many bonds are created, business is done and big deals are closed. That is why you must take care of every detail.

If you are looking to hire a DJ for events, this means that you are on the right track, since music will be a fundamental part of the organization.

Aleea has worked in events for small and large companies, cocktail parties, inaugurations, award ceremonies, forums, etc.

Thanks to this experience she knows exactly what you need for your event.

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How does Aleea make your event perfect?

  • Initial contact

    After a first contact, we will analyze the type of event to be held. We will discuss points such as the style of music, attire, type of event (dinner, cocktail, corporate event, etc.), among others.

  • Music preparation

    "After getting to know the type of event, I will prepare the most appropriate music for the whole event. It should be taken into account that music usually changes and adapts as the event develops.

    Music selection will depend on factors such as the location (indoor or outdoor), the type of guests, their age, time of day and the activity of the guests (cocktail, dining, chatting, dancing, etc.)."

  • Final music selection

    After making a pre-selection, we will send you some examples of music that fit the event. "It's important for me to have a global image of the event, because music is infinite and you have to choose the right music to make everything perfect."

  • Sound tests

    If necessary, we would perform a sound check prior to the event.

  • The big day!

    With everything ready, the only thing left to do is to enjoy.

You have already enjoyed my music


DJ Aleea - DJ service for events

All about professional party DJs

As is logical, DJs are perfect for setting the mood at any type of event, whether it is a tiny birthday or an annual celebration of the organization. Let's remember that DJs are people with a great musical ear who can also create their own music or remix other artists of the moment.

They are great professionals who will undoubtedly make our event a success. much better for all guests. Let's remember that having pleasant music will create a better atmosphere, whether it is a family event or a professional and business event, so it is something to take into account.

That is why, here we will tell you everything you need to know about DJs and we will convince you to use them in your event.

What is a DJ?

To be a DJ is to be an individual dedicated to creating great tunes.This sounds simple, but it is definitely a lot of work. But it is definitely not a simple job, it really needs a lot of experience and an optimal ear that is sufficiently trained.

This term is formed by 2 words disc pertaining to disc and jockey at the foot of the letter operator. A term that encompasses a huge activity, any person who makes compilations or melody selections to be played anywhere with an audience could technically be called a DJ.

However, under the rigorous sense that entails knowing the melody and generating parts that will not be forgotten or transcend, it is quite difficult. The chronicle of the DJ's in the tune is so old and dates back to the construction of the first mass devices. to hear prerecorded noise.

However, it was not until the 1950's that this term took on a new meaning and a whole new profession was coined. But it is also better that we agree that the list of the top DJ's around the world is indisputable.

 A professional DJ is thought to be quite expensive and out of budget.

The population is quite mistaken as to the cost involved. hire a professional DJ during a private event.

Logically, in this article we do not have the ability to tell you exactly how much the services cost without a consultation depending on your event and the dj. This depends on an extensive list of things that we finalize once we speak to the buyer and we see what you want and over how long a period of time.

But what we do have the ability to tell you is that one thing that characterizes DJ Aleea, are that all the costs that are handled are quite accessible, without lowering the quality of the final product. That's why if you want your event to be perfect, hiring a real DJ in Madrid is something of vital importance.

For much less money than you think, you will have the possibility of having the added bonus of a DJ at your celebration.

Why hire a professional DJ for your event?

What if I play a Spotify playlist?

Even though this is logically the cheapest version available, we ourselves strongly advise against it. Because, even if you do it with a Premium version without ads, the image you provide in the celebration is quite poor.

Not to mention the inconveniences that this choice may cause regarding the musical preferences of the guests. Since, the greater the number of individuals, the greater the number of musical styles and the greater the complaints at the time of placing the next playlist.

One of my friends will do me a favor

In truth, we all have a friend who knows how to prick. and even has a small mixer to link one issue after another.. The first problem that is exposed to us in front of this choice is the accessories to be used, because the quality and power.

Plus, your friend will be kept busy throughout the celebration, rather than feeling like a guest, you will feel like an employee.. Consequently, he will not even enjoy the celebration and you will owe him the favor.

Then, as a third point, he will never play tunes as well or have the repertoire of songs that a professional DJ who is dedicated to it.

If I have the loudspeaker equipment only the DJ would have to come.

As we said before, the groups and materials we have at our disposal at DJ Aleea are state-of-the-art and in accordance with the different properties of the event.

Even if you have huge speakers, it doesn't mean that they can deliver the elemental power at the moment when everyone is talking. In fact, your celebration may be in jeopardy. for the lack of good music.

Another point that we mention in front of such cases is the quality of the noise. Since often, with own loudspeakers in this kind of parties we force The equipment to work at the highest power, thus lowering the quality of the noise heard.

We all love the same song, the typical ones.

This is another of the typical phrases we come across once we meet with our own consumers.

Indeed, the majority of the population is fascinated by the same song. However, the experience of a professional DJ creates an environment from less to more in terms of magnitude and styles. of melody that is not a product of chance.

DJ Aleea maintains without a doubt the professionalism above all, managing not only their experience but always taking into account their respective consumer. Which is then changed so that the respective guests can be encouraged. and melody styles that everyone really likes.

For this reason, even though it may seem simple to mention that we all love the same melody, it is essential to know when to play it. Even surprise with a new version of your favorite tune that you have never heard before.

I hesitate between placing a DJ or a musical ensemble.

With DJ Aleea it can be said that the musical quality is completely assured, so it does not compare to a respective musical ensemble. Everything that is done is focused on enhancing the main event experience.

Perfect, we understand that you know that there are some really good musical groups as well. However, we must think that the ensembles make a sequence of breaks, their session is much shorter and their cost is often higher.

In addition, a DJ creates a tune session that encompasses several types of tunesThe different styles and intensities that will give continuity between the different moments of the event.

We do not have space to place a DJ

Make no mistake, a DJ does not require a lot of space.The table should not be in a high place to stand out. Logically if it is this way better, however, we ourselves move with tables of different sizes and properties depending on what is hired and the properties of the space.

We have from simple tables on which to place our table and different artifacts. Up to tables illuminated with Leds that manage to stand out and offer a more professional touch to the celebration.

If you wish to solve these doubts, ask any other questions or to inform you directly about the DJ service. we suggest you to ask directly. This is so that you have all the necessary information and can plan your event correctly.

If you are organizing a corporate celebration or an eventyou can make it unforgettable hiring a DJ. A DJ can add more joy and happiness to your event.

A corporate event could be organized by an organization to throw its products. Or it could be a Christmas celebration structured by any organization for its employees.

If you invite your consumers, friends and even relatives to the celebration, you can make it easier for them to enjoy the celebration by hiring a DJ.. A DJ can accommodate your entire event and keep everything in place for your celebration.

You can double the entertainment of your guests by simply adding melody to your celebration. If you are an event planner, it is quite paramount that you meet the needs of all your guests at the celebration.

A DJ can act on your behalf and accept responsibility for ordering your celebration.. Plus a DJ can really understand the difference between a particular event such as a wedding and a corporate event.

You know what kind of tune you will play at the event and at what time, naturally, the wedding atmosphere is different. A DJ can add more fun to your corporate event.We were happy to see everyone happy and enjoying the celebration.

They possess the function of judging the mood of different people. and to play so that they know how to accommodate everything. As well as making the moment more enjoyable, and as well as knowing when to play a certain type of song to break the ice.

Then, next time don't forget to hire a DJ for your corporate event and make it more memorable.