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Music is a fundamental requirement in a perfect event, therefore, the choice of the DJ is very important.

What should I consider when choosing the DJ for my event?

There are several things you should consider before hiring a DJ. Let's take a step-by-step look at everything you need to know and, if you consider the following information, it will be very easy to get it right every time.

Type of event

First of all, you should consider what kind of event you want or need a DJ for. This will help you determine what kind of music you will need.

Is it a night out at a nightclub with a party atmosphere? A wedding where the atmosphere is more family-oriented? Or maybe a DJ for corporate event with a more formal tone?

Once you know the type of event, the music and the equipment you need, it is time to start looking for the DJ that best suits both the desired style and, of course, the budget we have available.

The DJ is open to your music proposals and will be in charge of knowing all your musical tastes and adapt to them so that the event is perfect and to your liking.

The DJ, apart from playing the right music for your event, can provide sound equipment with microphones, lighting, screens, monitors, etc. to create a party atmosphere. Therefore, the DJ is involved in customizing your event according to your requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a DJ who is in accordance with the type of event, whether it is a wedding, a private party, a corporate event, etc.

How much does a DJ cost

There is no doubt that the price of a DJ can be confusing because varies a lot depending on the type of DJ and the service/package that is hired. 

DJ prices come in all sorts of ranges, depending of course, on the popularity of the DJ along with all the add-ons they can offer in addition to the music.

Depending on your needs, you can hire only the DJ or a customized pack that includes both the DJ and the entire the necessary sound and lighting equipment for your event. The cost of also depends on the location where the event is organized.especially if there is a change of municipality, city or region.

There are big and famous DJs who can charge tens of thousands of euros for a single night, but that does not mean a better quality of music, far from it. Normally a DJ has a cost range from 200€ to 3000€.The DJ's popularity, experience, location and other concepts that we can include depending on the type of event in question.

We show you below different situations to give you an idea about the prices of the different services that a DJ can offer:

1. DJ

If contracted only the DJThe price for a 3-5 hour performance may vary depending on your experience:

Amateur DJ  Professional DJ Recognized DJ
 200 – 400€  400 – 700€ more than 1200€.

2. DJ + Sound System + Lighting

If contracted DJ plus sound and lighting equipmentThe price may vary depending on the elements added to the pack. The average cost in 2021 of a standard pack per event that includes sound equipment and some lights would be around 400-900€, for events up to 200 attendees. For more than 200 attendees, the cost may be higher as larger equipment is needed, being around 900-4000€.

3. Overtime

If you need the DJ to be available for more hours than usual, he/she usually charges a extra per hour which is usually between 60-150 € depending on the quality/popularity of the DJ hired.

4. Other costs:

There are DJs who not only offer their music as the only instrument of entertainment. It is possible to hire in addition, other complements to accompany the music, giving more life and movement to the dance floor or listening area. Extra lighting, laser, projectors, mobile discotheque or smoke machines are just a few examples, and technology is providing us with more and more.

The following may be considered extras you will have to add the following elements to the pack offered:

  • Garden and/or living room lighting: 50 – 100 €
  • HDMI projector and screen: 100 – 150€
  • Karaoke: 70 – 100€
  • Smoke machine: 75 – 150 €
  • Backlit DJ booth: 70 – 100€

Other factors to take into account when calculating the price:

  • Assembly and disassembly of all equipment is usually included in the price.
  • Depending on the DJ you hire, they may offer different types of packs, some more expensive and others cheaper, some simpler and others more complete.
  • Depending on the event and its duration, food may be included in the budget.

It is important to negotiate with the DJ a global price with the add-ons included. Depending on what, the costs can vary quite a lot, always taking into account the quality and usefulness of the devices or equipment being offered.

It is worth mentioning that the DJ will also be doing hours of work from the moment he/she prepares the event, coordinates with the event organizer (wedding planners, coordinators, etc.), prepares the playlist, loading and unloading the equipment, set-up, etc. Generally, these costs are included in the final budget.

Where to find a DJ

Finding a DJ nowadays is easy thanks to the tools provided by the networks. Once you know exactly what you are looking for, a simple search in your browser of choice will suffice.
It is normal for a good DJ to have some sort of portfolio. where you can listen and judge their work for yourself before proceeding with any kind of contact.

Once you find the DJ of your choice, you just have to contact him or her through the channels he or she provides, either through his or her own website, social networks, a production label or others.

How far in advance should I hire the DJ?

The answer is: depends on the event.

If it is If you are planning a wedding, it is advisable to hire the dj 6 to 8 months in advance. Keep in mind that a DJ has many events and most of them are on weekends. If you don't hire him in time, he may not be available for your event or he may not have enough time to prepare all the details for your wedding.

It may not seem like it, but it takes time to close in detail the different aspects of a wedding:

  • Pre-production of the event
  • Meetings with the bride and groom
  • Study of the property and its possibilities / visit
  • Preparation and coordination of the ceremony with the wedding planner
  • Music at the cocktail and banquet
  • Musical performances at the different parts of the wedding
  • Third-party contracting, etc.

If it is other type of eventIf you are not available, the hiring should be done as soon as possible due to availability issues.

Steps to hire the perfect DJ for your event

Once you get in contact with the professional to be hired, it is advisable to consult with him/her in order to obtain information relevant to the event where he/she will be performing:


This is the first thing you will need to confirm, as we receive many requests for hiring on weekends and in high season (April-September).

2. Experience

This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to consider. as experience is key and will undoubtedly determine the success of the performance at your event.

See if you have held similar events, since each event requires a specific way of dealing with the public and different ways of acting. This will tell you with greater certainty whether the professional will know how to act with greater agility in front of the public.

That is, different audiences require different interactions by the DJ, who will know how to channel the moments with more or less mood through the same music, gestures and, to define somehow ''converse'' with the audience.

3. Music

You should keep in mind that the vast majority of DJs specialize in certain types of events and musical genres. Generally the DJ does not accept music requests as he goes with a collection of music he already has.After years of experience, he ends up accumulating his musical collections through his own taste.

Other DJs will be more flexible in this regard and allow guests to make requests.

At DJ Aleea we try to be 100% flexible in this aspect when requested, since the music determines the atmosphere of the event, and there is no one better than you in certain cases to determine what music should be played. We will always bring the music planned based on your taste. You will be able to choose the musical style and suggest songs, you can even give us directly a playlist for the whole event.

If your meeting requires specific songs or themes, such as the selection of a song for the opening of a corporate event, a bride and groom choosing a playlist for their wedding or any other desire to broadcast songs chosen by the party hiring the DJ, It will be of utmost importance that this is clarified and prepared prior to the time of the performance and event.

If you have a preference as to what music should and should not be played, it is best to make this clear beforehand.

If during the DJ's performance the DJ is interrupted for any kind of unplanned request, the performance may be affected. It is still a professional who should be provided with information in advance for a more effective performance.

On the other hand, if you want to play a closed playlist that lasts x hours with your own selection of music, it really wouldn't be cost effective to hire a DJ. For that you could burn a CD and play it during the event, but obviously it would not be cost effective. would not be the same because a DJ knows how to deal with the public, he is attentive to their reactions to choose the best moment to play each song.

In addition, a DJ will bring to your event a plus when it comes to encourage guests to dance, because it is not the same to dance on a dance floor where a CD is played as it is to dance on a lighted dance floor with a DJ booth.

In the case of a corporate event, hiring a DJ can add a little extra glamour and cachet for your eventThis will help convey to your customers and employees how much you care about the details.

The important thing is to communicate what kind of music or in its defecto, what event and what audience they will attend; the DJ will know how to be professional.

4. Attire

Different types of people and different types of meetings may require a particular form of attire or manner of dress. There is no harm in consulting, if the situation calls for it, about the professional's manner of dress during the event. If it is a more formal situation, it will be necessary to discuss it beforehand so that it can be properly prepared.

This industry is still extremely diverse and you can find all kinds of ways of dressing, sometimes even being part of the same performance.

5. DJ needs

Again, depending on the type of event being held and the number of hours, the DJ will need to be considered and included in outside expenses if required, such as catering, hotel, food, transportation or other expenses.

It is acceptable that for example in nightclubs and discotheques DJs receive at least a couple of drinks on the house, that the DJ is included in a meal at a corporate event or a hotel room is reserved for an international trip of the professional.

It is also important to take into consideration the needs that the professional may have regarding the equipment. You may need to do some sound checks beforehand, time to set up or any other requirements necessary for the preparation of the event to be performed. If the event takes place inside a room with a previous sound equipment, it will be necessary that it is ready and prepared for the DJ's performance beforehand.

For example, a room with pre-equipped sound equipment always has a sound technician for that same equipment, who will prepare the acoustics in advance of the DJ's performance.

During the event

There are aspects that you must take into account before hiring the DJ. Generally these are things that we do not think about until the day of the event arrives, for example:

  • The location where the DJ and the booth will be placed: There should be enough power outlets, the sound should be tested, and a location should be considered where all guests at the event can enjoy the music.
  • The location of any extra elements such as projection screens: It is convenient to study where they will be placed so that the guests do not interfere with the projection, trip over a cable, etc. Safety first.
  • Changes of location (in the case of weddings): If different sound equipment has not been hired for the different spaces in a wedding (ceremony, cocktail, banquet, etc.), the professional will have to move the equipment from one space to another, which will take X amount of time while the DJ makes the change.
  • Other unforeseen events: As with everything in life, unforeseen events can arise that no one could have imagined. A blackout, the failure of the sound system or any other electronic device, bad weather, traffic accidents, etc. The professional in many cases will have a solution to many unforeseen events, because the more experience he has, the better solutions he will have. However, there may be cases in which the situation goes beyond the capabilities of the professional and we must be sympathetic to the situation. We recommend that you review the contract very carefully to see what happens in case of unforeseen events.


If you follow these simple steps having as a priority to inform you in advance, define your event and the complements to include with the DJ performance, the music, the negotiated price and the needs of both the professional and the contracting party, you will have no problem in finding the DJ you are looking for in an adequate and simple way.

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