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How can you be a DJ?

To be a disc jockey or DJ is to work as a musical artist.even if you don't use traditional devices or your voice. The short definition mentions that this person elaborates the song or mix of songs that will be played in social events.

This kind of events are usually parties or concerts, but a DJ could be hired to entertain almost any gathering of individuals.. Earlier we said that the DJ "prepares", and it's true, look for a sequence of songs that fit the site and the audience.

To better connect with guests, he introduces effects and subtly modifies the songs to make them more danceable. However, there are DJs who are not looking for the population to dance, but to make a good mix of songs.

What exactly is DJing?

One of the most obvious things to be aware of is that all the DJs should have a good earThe system's noise performance and musical understanding to produce the right session, without having to integrate dance tunes. Conventionally, the figure of the DJ was thought of as a person subordinate to his audience.

Nevertheless, the profession has been gaining in fame and now it is the same with DJs as with other artists.. The similarity lies in the fact that they have the possibility to create music for the general public, or to perform it to satisfy their artistic interests, even if they are not recognized.

In addition, the DJ plays an important role in music productionalthough it does not happen all the time. However, several also know how to use mixing tools that allow them to generate songs and edit them.

In this way, they have the possibility to develop their own songs or ask other artists for permission to make their remixes.

 Some tips to get started as a DJ

To begin with, do not be in a hurry and do not try to imitate others.You need training first. Make a strategy with short and long term goals, in that project, for now, the most immediate thing is to achieve the necessary knowledge to do this job.

Consider the length of time you are going to spend on it and how long it will take you to get your training. Let's say you already have the basic knowledge, it will be time to make choices.

What kind of DJ do you want to be?

Some remix songs live, others previously, others generate songs for different artists. If your perspective goes further or you wish to have more job opportunities, You may need further training to achieve an advanced degree in the subject.

You need to catch up from time to time with programs that are new or the most popular rhythms. In front of everything a DJ should be a musical encyclopedia, for that reason we suggest that you listen to many songs, of any genre, even if you are not initially attracted to them.

This will give you the tools to produce many parts of your songs, as you will have extensive musical knowledge.

Nowadays with social networks and private brands, it is essential that you know how to sell yourself. You are not just a person, you are a brand, a logo, an initiative, several DJs even have a personal aesthetic that is quite well cared for.making them recognizable to any fan.

By taking care of these points you will reach a larger audience, do not disregard this aspect, because several experts in this sector are subject to be hired here or there for an event. The DJ provides entertainment for social eventsto make good mixes requires a complete musical base.

 What skills will you need if you want to be a DJ?

This profession needs noise experts who know the performance of loudspeakers, scales, amplification grades and other audio-visual boundaries. From noise to songwhich is a form of tastefully produced noise.

This is where the reasoning of rhythms, melodies, notes and other formal resources come into play. This ensures a good ear, know how to interpret the existing melody and create it in a way that is appealing to different listeners.

This is done by means of specific software and hardware that you will have to know how to master. In fact, this type of trade is characterized by having completely customized computer codes, you will need to be very attentive to this.

If we take such musical version programs and add to them the theoretical reasoning of the melody you already have, with practice, you will have the possibility to consider yourself a DJ. There are a large number of programs that can be very useful for you.

Among them, the one that stands out the most is Pro Tools, a program that you can learn to handle with the school's Master's Degree in Music Production and Audio Recording with Pro Tools.

In addition, if you want to work in an analysis where you carry out tracks for other artists, you must also know the performance of the programs and mixers that are applied in the area. The sound conditions are different and a DJ trained in various facets knows how to make everything work correctly.

 Which mixing board or mixer do I need to be a DJ?

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DJ tables have the potential to become quite complicated. and integrate several buttons that at the beginning we do not know how to use well. The main thing is that we can train with songs that we like, via USB for ease of use.

They have to integrate controls over pitch, speed, certain effects, and so on. An important part of a beginner's mixer is an intuitive program system.

You will be able to connect your tablet to your computer and practice live.  With the right software we will be able to edit songs, generate sounds, save them and share them whenever we want.

Even the main boards for beginners allow us to organize small events and even remix live for an artist.. The best thing is that once you have the knowledge you can find the board that best suits your needs.

As we move forward, there will always be new applications, controllers and programs coming out to make mixing songs a simpler task. This is neither better nor worse, is the truth of the whole DJ world The rules of the game have changed profoundly in the last few years.

First CD players started to appear and at the time it was not essential to move a large and heavy suitcase of vinyl. It was also a much, much cheaper platform and This extended the probability of being a DJ to a larger set of individuals.

At present, DJ USB memory stickscomputers with their music mixing software and CDJs (Pioneer) are the dominant ones. But outside of the "cool" and "pro" realm of monumental artists and clubs, there is a vast array of possibilities and alternatives.

Exemplifying controllers like the Denon MCX8000 have become even more available and powerful than Pioneer's latest and very expensive CDJ-2000NXS2s.

By this, we mean that all the possibilities are versatile in each of the plays you make as a DJ, as well as the programs and applications you use. This makes it increasingly complex to choose the right alternative once you want to get started on this planet.

Mostly due to this large proportion of accessible possibilities and the tactics of several brands to "flood" the market with constant launches. In addition to a very wide range of machines, it is often difficult to know what the real difference is.

Every week new players, controllers and DJ sets are released. But this won't change for a long time, whatever we use is as simple as it is fundamental, they will help you make the task easier and that's what's important.

Being a DJ is inspired and will constantly rely on finding the right tune at the right connect with the audience and make their experience exclusive. People don't care if your session is done with the latest and very expensive CDJ, with a 200€ controller, with Tracktor, Live, Serato, Virtual DJ, the latest trendy app.

If you enjoy the electronic melody and get them to have a good time, you will have done your job well.

 Learn to be a DJ with Internet resources

If you want to begin by familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts and possibilities you will need to know to start your first sessions, we suggest you soak up the information in this article. Another choice that may be simpler for some are the currently fashionable online courses.

 Learn to DJ with online courses or in-person classes?

If you want a quality one and with which you can learn in the most professional way, we suggest this one: Domestika DJ COURSE. Or sign up for a school (online or physical), YouTube, paying for private lessons, looking for videos or books on the subject and so on.

Here your choice may depend on various components, primarily your place of residence. This is because if you live in a huge locality it will be simpler for you to discover academies or centers specialized in this kind of education as well as the budget you can manage.


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