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Creation of playlists for hotels and restaurants

Music plays an important role in gaining originality and catching the public, creating a special, unique and differentiating atmosphere. Thanks to the work with music, the most popular and chic venues in the capital are creating their own identity.

I am driven by a passion for music, so my repertoire is infinite.

Music is a fundamental requirement for the ambience of a restaurant to be perfect. But it must be used in a measured way, adapted to each moment and, above all, in tune with the public and the gastronomic proposal.

The music should enrich the room without being barely noticeable: "The protagonism must remain on the table, in the dishes, in the conversations... and the songs must be the soundtrack of that encounter."

The right music is a plus so that customers are happy, not only with the food, but with the 'how they felt', as this is what in many cases will make customers repeat.


How does Aleea create the perfect playlist for your venue?

  • Visiting the premises

    After visiting the venue, we will analyze together with you, the type of music that would fit with the venue, taking into account the acoustics of the room.

  • Music preparation

    Music selection will depend on factors such as location (indoor or outdoor), type of client, time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail, etc.), among others.

  • Holding a session on the premises

    DJ Aleea will do a 2 hour session at the venue, to really see what is the perfect atmosphere you are looking to achieve through music.

    "It's important for me to have a global image of the event, because music is infinite and you have to choose the right music taking into account every detail, from the type of client of the venue to the acoustics of the room."

Examples of music at different times of the day, in different venues:

  • During the day / lunch or even dinner (depending on the site)

  • Tea time / even dinner (chillout)

  • Elegant dinner

  • Sunset / drinks / cocktails

You have already enjoyed my music


DJ Aleea: Creation of playlists for
luxury restaurants and hotels

Like Professional DJ specialized in creating playlists for restaurants and luxury hotels, I know that music is a fundamental part of the experience in a high-end establishment. A good playlist can create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and contribute to a unique and unforgettable customer experience. Here are some of them recommendations for creating personalized playlists that adapt to the style and ambiance of your establishment.

Define the style of your establishment

As a DJ, the first thing I will do is meet with you to understand the style and ambiance of your restaurant or hotel. Is it elegant and sophisticated or more casual and relaxed? Is it a modern or classic establishment? It is important that the music reflects and complements the ambiance you want to create in your establishment.

With this information, I will be able to select the right songs to create a personalized playlist that reflects the identity of your establishment.

Consider your customers' preferences

As a DJ, I also take into account the customer preferences when selecting songs for your playlist. If your establishment attracts an international audience, you may want to include songs from different genres and cultures to create a diverse and exciting musical experience.

On the other hand, if your establishment has a more specific audience, such as an Italian restaurant or a hotel focused on wellness, I can select songs that reflect that focus and specific musical tastes. For example, if you have an Italian restaurant, I can include songs by famous Italian singers or classical Italian music.

Select a variety of songs

As a professional DJ, I know how important it is to select a variety of songs for your playlist so that it doesn't become monotonous or boring. I will include different genres of music and artists, and make sure the list has a natural flow, so that the songs complement each other and do not feel like a random set of songs.

Update your playlist regularly

As a DJ, I also take care of updating your playlist regularly to prevent it from becoming repetitive or boring. I will add new songs and remove songs that have been playing for a long time. I will also consider changing the playlist according to the season or special event, such as Christmas or Valentine's Day.

In short, as a DJ specialized in creating playlists for restaurants and luxury hotels, I can help you create a unique and enjoyable musical experience for your customers. I will make sure that the music reflects the style and ambiance of your establishment, the preferences of your customers and that the playlist is varied and regularly updated. Contact me for more information and to create the perfect playlist for your upscale establishment.